Cherubic Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm providing seed capital to talented entrepreneurs with the passion and dedication to pursue bold dreams. Founded by angel investor Matt Cheng in 2010, Cherubic Ventures has invested in over 80 companies, primarily in Silicon Valley and Greater China. Our portfolio companies have collectively raised over $1 billion follow-on financing. Cherubic Ventures has offices located in San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei.


    Cherubic Ventures is striving to be the earliest investor of the next iconic company. Our mission is to identify startups that will disrupt the current marketplace and help them build successful enduring companies. We add value by bringing in smart capital, a vast network in Silicon Valley and Greater China, and years of experience helping startups scale up. Our hands-on approach often makes us a key partner in helping startups getting over the initial hurdles so they are poised for long-term success.


    We've invested in startups in the United States, Greater China, and Asia


    Sector: Mobile / Transportation

    New York City, USA


    AirHelp fights for your right to compensation when your flight is
    delayed, cancelled or overbooked. AirHelp does all the paperwork, follow up and legal actions to ensure a hassle-free claim process for users. www.getairhelp.com



    Sector: E-commerce

    Seoul, Korea


    Althea is a beauty products e-commerce shop and targeting the Southeast Asian market. http://my.althea.kr/



    Sector: E-Commerce

    Shanghai, China


    Andrinuo sells maternity apparel and has successfully built a brand that are popular among the Chinese consumers. http://andrinuo.jd.com


    Andy The Android Emulator

    Sector: Mobile / Communications

    San Francisco, USA


    AndyOS breaks the barrier of desktop and mobile computing. It enables users to run any Android applications on their PC or Mac, create a seamless user experience. www.andyroid.net/



    Sector: Education 

    China, Beijing


    Aifudao provides real-time, on-demand online video support for K12 students. It's the largest mobile education platform in China with the mission of making quality teachers accessible to every student in China. www.aifudao.com



    Sector: Wearable / Health

    Mountain View, USA


    Bellabeat brings a new level of quality to a woman's life. A beautifully designed health tracker that helps women monitor their activity, sleep quality, stress levels, and menstrual cycle. www.bellabeat.com


    Birdi - Better Than a Smoke Detector

    Sector: Consumer Electric / Internet of Things / Mobile 

    San Francisco, USA


    Birdi will be your life-saving sensors. The first product is a wifi-connected Air Monitor that tracks air pollution as well as detects fire or elevated carbon monoxide levels. http://getbirdi.com



    Sector: Smart Hardware

    San Francisco, USA


    Bluesmart is a technology company that develops Internet-connected travel products. With proprietary technology and designs, the company creates unique physical products combined with software applications that help people travel better and smarter. http://bluesmart.com/



    Sector: Wearables / Fashion

    New York, USA


    Caeden shakes off the geeky image of wearable devices and is built by a team of industry experts from fashion, design, manufacturing, and electronics. Its mission is to bring timeless style to wearable technology and enable people to measure their wellness data in a meaningful way. www.caeden.com



    Sector: Mobile / Health & Fitness

    San Francisco, USA


    Calm is building technology to reduce the negative impacts of stress. Its web and mobile application offer users scientifically-validated technique of meditation to help them relax and de-stress. www.calm.com



    Sector: Fintech

    Beijing, China


    CCX is one of the major rating agencies in China.  http://www.ccxi.com.cn



    Sector: e-commerce



    Chaldal is the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. It provides diverse product choices from electronics, skin care to foods. https://chaldal.com



    Sector: Mobile / Communications

    San Francisco, USA


    Charge offers mobile data only service on users' terms. No contracts or monthly plans, and the data never expires. With Charge, users no longer need to pay for the cellphone service that they do not use anymore. https://charge.co/



    Sector: Mobile / Social

    Beijing, China


    Cimi helps you connect with people who share the same interests. Start a live conversation with any topic through Cimi's discussions groups.



    Cloud Union

    Sector: Cloud Services for Gaming

    Beijing, China


    Cloud Union enables gamers to play games on TV, PC, laptop, and mobile no matter where they are. More than 20 million people in China are using Cloud Union's services. www.cloudunion.cn



    Sector: Consumer mobile/ Insurance

    Toronto, Canada


    With Cover, users can get the best price for insurance for their phones, cars or anything they want to insure instantly with a snap.


    Cover works with the best insurance partners and brokers to offer an exceptional customer service experience, and deliver on our promise of finding the best rates to their customers. www.usecover.com/#

    Dream Castle

    Sector: Animation

    Beijing, China


    Dream Castle is the company behind the massively popular Chinese cartoon character - Ali-the-Fox. Ali enjoys huge fanfare in China and is one of the most succcessful brand with great merchandising power. Ali won the best Asian Property of 2015 on LIMA Asian Licensing Award. www.a-li.com.cn


    Electric Objects

    Sector: Smart hardware

    New York, USA


    Electric Objects is the maker of EO1, a computer designed to bring artwork from the Internet into your home. https://www.electricobjects.com



    Sector: Consumer mobile

    San Francisco, USA


    Everalbum is one of the fastest growing photo apps in the world. It’s the easiest way for users to relive their memories by organizing and safely backing up their photos across every device and social media platform. It continues to be the #1 top grossing productivity app in over 80 countries. www.everalbum.com



    Sector: Import & Export

    San Francisco, USA


    Flexport is a licensed freight forwarder. It uses smart software and simple interface, making it easier, faster, and cheaper for businesses to import products from overseas, enabling importers of all sizes to compete in a global market. www.flexport.com



    Sector: SaaS / E-commerce

    Hong Kong


    Floship is a fulfillment-as-a-service company that provides storage, freight forwarding and pick&pack services for business, specifically for e-commerce merchants, Kickstarter campaigns and 3PLs. http://www.floship.com



    Sector: Mobile / Social

    Beijing, China


    Fotoable is the creator of Fotorus and Instamag. Fotoable develops a suite of photo and video editing apps that have accumulated over 200 million downloads worldwide. www.fotoable.com



    Sector: Mobile / Gaming

    Hong Kong


    Frenzoo creates 3D fashion and lifestyle mobile games. Its suites of fashion, dress-up, and role-playing mobile games have received more than 25 million downloads worldwide.  www.frenzoo.com


    Fang Hu Wang

    Sector: Fintech

    Beijing, China


    Fang Hu Wang is an online fintech platform focusing on real estate mortgage loans. It offers borrower with real estate market information and connects borrowers with mortgage brokers. www.fanghuwang.com/



    Sector: E-commerce

    Hong Kong


    GDFS is the first members-only cross-border duty-free commerce platform. It collaborates with luxury brands, wholesalers, service partners to offer high quality duty-free products. www.gdfs.com.cn



    Sector: Mobile / Social Commerce

    Beijing, China


    Guoku helps you dig out the most interesting information and viral products. Providing a quick review of your daily discovery with beautiful pictures and simple descriptions. http://www.guoku.com/



    Sector: Wearable / Health

    Taipei, Taiwan


    H2 takes legacy medical devices and transforms your smartphone into a health monitoring machine; connecting users, loved ones, and clinicians. Its first product comes in the form of an app and a smart accessory for blood glucose monitoring. www.health2sync.com



    Sector: Logistics/ e-commerce

    Guangdong, China


    Based in Guangdong, China, Huo-Xiang-Shen is an apparel wholesaler platform that enables anyone to become an online seller on China's top ecommerce platform such as TaoBao, Meilishuo and Weidian etc.. www.huoxiansheng.com/


    Hyperloop One

    Sector: Transportation

    Los Angeles, USA


    Hyperloop One is reshaping the future of transportation. With the advanced technology they are building, people and cargo will move at speeds never thought possible. https://hyperloop-one.com/



    Sector: E-commerce

    Beijing, China


    Haozai is a Beijing based home decor/ furniture ecommerce platform. Via Haozai app, users can view various home decor ideas offered by professional designers, and how the decoration/furniture looks like and how it interacts with the surroundings. When users find the design they like, they can purchase it directly via the app. m.haozaishop.com/



    Sector: Smart hardware

    San Francisco, USA


    Hello's Sense is a smart sleep tracker that improving users sleeping quality by monitor how the surrounding environment affect their sleep pattern. Users just need to put Sense by their pillow, and they can get detailed and personalized insight right by the Sense app. hello.is/3



    Sector: Social Fitness

    Taipei, Taiwan


    Founded in 2012, iFit has successfully built the largest fitness community and e-commerce brand in Taiwan. iFit helps users keep a healthy life style by providing the right knowledge, and products.  www.i-fit.com.tw



    Sector: Enterprise / Social

    Mountain View, USA


    Instavest is an investment platform that lets users mimic the investment ideas shared by top investors in the community.  https://instavest.com



    Sector: Education Technology

    Taipei, Taiwan


    IPEVO emhance the interaction in classrooms. It designs and makes versatile teaching tools for modern educator. Its products are used in over 50% of K-12 schools in the US and the number continues to increase. www.ipevo.com


    Iron Ox

    Sector: Greentech/ Robotics

    San Carlos, USA


    Iron Ox is developing a set of robots that can run a greenhouse automatically. Orders will be placed and shipped without human help. With talents from Google X’s drone delivery lab, Iron Ox wants to lead the future of farming automation. ironox.com



    Sector: Enterprise / SaaS

    Seoul, Korea


    JANDI is a communication and data sharing platform designed especially for modern working environment. JANDI provides user-friendly platform for team members to send instant messages, share documents, and discuss online with security across different devices. https://www.jandi.com


    Jessica Secrets

    Sector: Mobile / E-commerce

    Beijing, China


    Jessica's Secrect has developed a price monitoring system for brands based on big-data. It offers customers real-time price comparison and discounts from famous shopping malls, duty-free stores in the world. It helps tourists save money while they travel. http://www.jescard.com



    Sector: P2P finance/ Internet finance

    Beijing, China


    Jindanlicai provides retail investor with investment products with high interests rates. Its daily transaction volume has reached 10 million RMB, powered by Qufenqi and Dishifenqi. http://www.jindanlicai.com


    KarFarm Inc.

    Sector: Mobile / Automobile 

    Redwood City, USA


    KarFarm was established to improve customer's experience of buying a car and make it stress-free. With KarFarm, consumers can now purchase vehicles in a reverse auction style where the buyers select sales reps from local dealerships and have them outbid each other for the sale through its online platform. www.karfarm.com


    Kongming Inc

    Sector: Social Media Marketing

    Beijing, China


    Kongming integrates all your social media accounts on one platform and provides marketing & advertising tools that help brands increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their social media campaigns. The 200-people company has offices in Beijing and Shanghai. www.kongming-inc.com



    Sector: Mobile / Education

    Shanghai, China


    Liulishuo is founded by a group of ex-googlers who want to change the way people learn English. By making learning process fun and focusing on conversation learning, the app attracts millions of users in China. www.liulishuo.com


    LIVEhouse.in - Live Streaming

    Sector: Live Social Network

    Taipei, Taiwan


    Launched in the beginning of 2014, LIVEhouse.in provides the easiest way to start your own live broadcast, no installation or configuration needed. It's the top live broadcasting platform in Taiwan.  https://livehouse.in



    Sector: Mobile / Service

    San Francisco, USA


    Luxe is a service that sends valets to park for you, wherever you are. It’s fast, stress-free, and reliable. The service is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other metropolises in the US. It has announced collaboration with TESLA to help owners charge their cars. www.luxe.com



    Sector: Design / Logistics

    San Francisco, USA


    Based in San Francisco, Maderight provides one-stop solution for fashion sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. The team is dedicated in transforming how apparel manufacturing is done and aim to digitalize /streamline the process. https://maderight.com/



    Sector: Enterprise / SaaS

    Beijing, China


    MicroDreams is a leading social media and mobile marketing agency in China. It provides Ad platform/software, validation, incubation, investment and ecommerce for owned media. http://www.microdreams.com



    Sector: Mobile / Gaming

    Beijing, China


    Miyoo is a mobile game developer. Its latest mobile game is about a modern girl magically traveling to an ancient world where battles with other players to become a millionarie. www.miyoo.cn



    Sector: Wearble / Sports

    Beijing, China


    Mobi provides gyms management software and smart hardware devices and helps them build better user experiences based on data. www.anytum.com



    Sector: E-Commerce

    New York, USA


    Mouth helps indie food makers grow their business by curating and selling the most interesting and delicious indie food. www.mouth.com



    Sector: Mobile / Commerce

    Taipei, Taiwan


    91APP is a mobile-commerce platform that provides mobile-app development, marketing, payment, and logistics solution to merchants. It helps FamilyMart generate more than 10 million NTD revenues on 11/11 in 2015. http://www.91app.com


    ONEHOPE Wine

    Sector: e-commerce

    California, USA


    ONEHOPE Wine is a lifestyle brand with a world-class vineyard in the heart of Napa, providing consumers with high quality wine, coffee & gifts. A fix part of its sale revenues is donated to charitable partners. To date, they've donated over $1.8M since 2007. http://www.onehopewine.com



    Sector: Mobile / IT Asset Management

    Mountain View, USA


    Oomnitza helps IT team track their company's IT assets, create new service requests, and manage process from the cloud across multiple platforms. https://oomnitza.com



    Sector: Consumer Mobile/ Consumer Web

    San Francisco, US 


    Padlet acts like a virtual whiteboard, users can organize all information needed for one project on one bulletin, making it easier to collaborate with others. https://padlet.com/



    Industry: Payment 

    Tokyo, Japan


    Based in Japan, Paidy is a cardless payment solution that allows customers to shop online and check out with just their name and email address. www.exchange.co.jphttps://paidy.com



    Sector: Mobile / Consumer

    Taipei, Taiwan


    Pamily is the first video-generated community for pet lovers. It lets pet lovers to share adorable videos with effects, music and stickers. http://pamily.today/


    Parlio (Acquired by Quora)

    Sector: Media

    Palo Alto, USA


    Parlio is a new media platform where opinion makers meet informed readers. On Parlio, disagreement is welcomed and civility is rewarded. Poeple listen to each others' opinions and sometimes change their minds. www.parlio.com



    Sector: Big Data / Retail

    Palo Alto, USA


    Percolata uses occupancy sensors and analysis software providing detailed insight into each physical retail locations, enabling retailers to make smart data-driven decisions. www.percolata.com



    Sector: Smart Hardware / IoT

    Los Angeles, USA


    PetNet is the world's first pet care analytics platform, empower pet parents all over the world with intelligent pet devices that will revolutionize the way they care for their pets, and spark modernization of the entire pet industry. www.petnet.io



    Sector: E-Commerce

    Taipei, Taiwan / Tokyo, Japan


    Pinkoi is the largest online community and marketplace for designers in Asia, with more than 1 million users around the world buying designer products on Pinkoi. It has boasted over 500,000 designer items and over 25,000 designers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and United States. The company recently acquired a top design marketplace in Japan - ichii, further strengthening its market expansion in Asia. www.pinkoi.com



    Sector: Mobile / Social

    Sunnyvale, USA


    Pinnatta is a new media type that combines sound, animation, personalization elements and interactivity gestures to turn every single message into a unique interactive experience. www.pinnatta.com



    Sector: Footwear


    San Francisco, USA



    PLAE shoes are specially designed for kids. They durable, functional, fun to wear, and stylish. www.goplae.com/



    Sector: Gamification



    Playbasis develops a gamification platform that helps large organizations increase user engagement, retention, and loyalty through the use of data-driven game mechanics and behavioral triggers. www.playbasis.com



    Sector: Gaming / SaaS

    Japan / USA


    PowerCore's merchandizing solutions make it easy for people to connect with the brands and characters they love.  http://www.powercore.io/



    Sector: Education / Social

    San Francisco, USA


    Photomath reads and solves mathematical problems by using the camera of your mobile device in real-time. It makes math easy and simple by educating students on how to solve math problems. https://photomath.net/en/



    Sector: Virtual Reality

    Beijing, China


    Rayion develops advanced virtual reality technology and content. It helps designers build a simple and effective visualized communication platform. Its product - ezPromo provides virtual experience for furniture shopping, buyers can select the best furniture for their future house based on VR viewing.  http://www.rayion.com



    Sector: Smart hardware

    Santa Monica, USA


    Ring's Video Doorbell is a smart connected doorbell which enables users to answer the door whenever and wherever with smartphones. With Ring, you know your homes are safe.  https://ring.com



    Sector: Big Data

    Beijing, China


    SKSpruce develops carrier class super wireless gateway to manage AP, 3G MiFidevices, and 4G/LTE femtocelldevices, supports WiFi offloading, and seamless authentication and roaming among different wireless access networks. http://www.skspruce.com/




    Sector: Mobile / Travel

    Hong Kong


    Spottly is the "Pinterest for travel guide", making it easy and fun to create and search for the best travel spots. www.spottly.com



    Sector: Design

    Mountain View, USA


    SketchDeck is an on-demand design platform. User may start a project in minutes and receive the first version within 12 hours. Sketchdesk can help with a wide range of design projects from sales presentations to infographics and rebrands to websites. http://www.sketchdeck.com


    Snowball (Acquired by Credit Karma)

    Sector: Consumer Mobile

    San Francisco, USA


    Snowball is a notification filter, making sure you only get important notifications but not annoying alerts. http://www.trysnowball.com


    Simbe Robotics

    Sector: Robotics

    San Francisco, USA


    Simbe Robotics unveils Tally, an autonomous robot that performs the repetitive and laborious tasks of auditing shelves for out-of-stock items, low stock items, misplaced items, and pricing errors. http://www.simberobotics.com


    Super Effective

    Sector: Consumer mobile

    Beijing, China


    Super Effective is based in Beijing and is dedicated to developing mobile applications that provide better communication experiences between people. www.supereffective.com.cn/


    Sector: Information technology

    San Francisco, USA


    Siftery is a database where companies list their software stacks. Siftery compares companies with similar stacks and make recommendations. siftery.com



    Sector: SaaS

    San Francisco, USA


    TalkIQ is a personal assistant and a data scientist for your sales reps. The team believes the secret to winning more deals isn't to call more leads but to improve the quality of sales conversations. http://talkiq.com



    Sector: Mobile / Commerce

    Beijing, China


    TaoShiJie is China's largest women's fashion mobile C2C platform and provides seamless worldwide shopping experience. There are over 8000 buyers across 50 regions in the world helping 6.5 million customers buy top designer brand clothes and accessories from overseas. It has partnered up with the largest social ecommerce platform - Mogujie. www.aimeizhuyi.com



    Sector: Media / Events

    Shanghai, China


    TechNode is the leading tech blog covering the latest news on the startup ecosystem in China and Asia. TechNode manages TechCrunch China and is the official partner of TechCrunch. http://technode.com



    Sector: Design / Talent

    Beijing, China


    Based in Beijing, Teenker is a platform that connects talented freelancers with customers who want unique and high-quality services. http://www.iteenker.com



    Sector: Design / Recruiting

    Beijing, China


    Tezign cultivates a designer community and develops an automated algorithm that helps company find the most suitable design talents. http://www.tezign.com



    Sector: Ecommerce / Fashion 

    San Francisco, USA


    Try.com allows users to try on clothes from several major retailers, including Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York, for free. Customers only have to pay for the items if they decide to keep them. try.com


    Umano (Acquired by Dropbox)

    Sector: Mobile / Digital Media

    San Francisco, USA


    Umano is a mobile platform using real voices that reads full length articles to you. If you're planning a long drive, you can stockpile articles in a playlist to listen to them one after the other; basically a custom podcast focusing on the exact topics you're interested in. http://umano.me


    Uncorporeal Systems

    Sector: Virtual Reality

    San Francisco, USA


    Uncorporeal Systems is a VR company that aims to solve the cardinal problem of virtual filmmaking. With the cameras that they’ve created, they are capable of capturing the entire lightfield of the shooting set which means owning every single pixel of subjects. http://uncorporeal.com/



    Sector: FinTech / Real Estate

    Beijing, China


    Based in Beijing, Uoolu is an overseas real estate investment & management platform. http://www.uoolu.com



    Sector: Mobile / Communications

    Beijing, China


    Vinci is a wireless headphone that aims to improve how we communicate and connect with one another. Its AI technology is similar to Siri. It can receives commands from users and monitor users' heartbeats, recommend songs based on users's mood.  http://vinci.im



    Sector: Consumer Mobile/ Advertising

    Taipei, Taiwan


    VMFIVE′s advertising solution, AdPlay virtualizes apps on both mobile and desktop browser and lets users "try" an app without downloading it. Its mobile streaming technology has the potential to transform the app economy and how users interact with digital content.  http://vmfive.com/


    Wish - Shopping Made Fun

    Sector: Mobile / Social Commerce

    San Francisco, USA


    100 million users are using Wish mobile app to shop. Wish lets users browse the largest selection of affordable fashion accessories and electronics. www.wish.com


    Xing Mobility

    Sector: Electric Vehicle

    Taipei, Taiwan


    One former TESLA engineer and one noted industrial designer, together they founded XING Mobility. The company designs electric race cars and develops technologies for tomorrow's vehicles.  http://xing.strikingly.com



    Sector: Community 

    Beijing, China


    YCPai is an online community of high-caliber talents and a place for people to find co-founders and early-employees for their startups. YCPai now collaborates with incubators and venture capital firms to help form startup teams.  http://www.ycpai.com



    Sector: Logistic/mobile app

    Beijing, China


    Yeemu is "Uber for delivery", helping you find delivery man instantly and track your delivery status. Yeemu has empowered nearly a thousand of firms with an efficient express delivery. http://yeemu.cn



    Sector: Mobile / O2O

    Beijing, China


    YouQiuBiYing includes over 10 types of on-demand services, such as car rental and house moving. Users may simply type in or speak out ttheir requests and YouQiuBiYing will be right there for you. http://yqbiy.com


    Yuan Bao

    Sector: Bitcoin 

    Beijing, China


    YuanBao is a digital currency crowdfunding and peer-to-peer loan platform. Its daily transaction volume has reached over $100 million RMB. YuanBao is dedicated to blockchain's development in China. www.yuanbao.com‍


    Zepp Labs

    Sector: Wearble / Sports

    Los Gatos, USA


    Zepp Labs brings 3D motion technology to sports, empowering athletes and coaches with meaningful performance information that could help them discover ways to immediately improve their game. www.zepp.com



    Alex Tew

    Founder & CEO @ Calm

    Alice Chen

    Co-Founder & CEO @ iFit 

    Andrew Benton

    Founder @ Charge

    Andrew Dudum

    Co-Founder @ Everalbum

    Arthur Lozinski

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Oomnitza

    Azizi Tucker

    CTO @ Xing Mobility 

    Brogan BamBrogan

    CTO & Co-Founder @ Hyperloop One

    Bradley Bogolea

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Simbe Robotics

    Candy Hsu

    Co-Founder & CFO @ LIVEhouse.in

    Carlos Herrera

    Co-Founder & CEO @ PetNet

    Charlotte Chen

    Co-founder & Chief Marketer @ Spottly

    Chiao, Feng

    Co-Founder & COO @ Kongming

    Craig Martin

    Co-founder & CTO @ Luxe

    Curtis Lee

    Founder & CEO @ Luxe

    Christopher Finneral

    Co-Founder & CEO @ SketchDeck

    Dan Dan Chen

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Amateur Beauty

    Daniel Chan


    Danny Deng

    Co-Founder & CEO @ YuanBao

    Danny Zhang

    Co-Founder @ Wish

    David Mack

    Co-Founder @ SketchDeck

    David Watkins

    Co-Founder and Chief Creative @ Caeden

    David Zhu

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Vinci

    Eric Aow

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Kongming.Inc

    Edwyn Chan

    Co-Founder @ Spottly

    Ed Deng

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Health2Sync

    Greg Tanaka

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Percolata

    Figo Yu

    Co-Founder & CEO @ DreamCastle (Ali)

    Gang Lu

    Founder & CEO @ TechNode.com

    George Spanoudakis

    Co-Founder & President @ Pinnatta

    Hans Hsu

    Co-Founder @ DreamCastle (Ali)

    Happy Lee

    CPO @ N Squared 

    Hui, Yan

    CTO@ ycpai

    Henrik Zillmer

    Cofounder & CEO @ Airhelp

    Ian Mendiola

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Umano

    Jack Abraham

    Co-Founder @ Everalbum

    Jason Festa

    Co-Founder @ Built-in-Menlo

    Jason Fass

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Zepp Labs

    CEO@  Electric Objects

    Jonathan Spier

    Co-Founder & CEO @ PLAE

    Justin Alvey

    Co-Founder & CTO @ Birdi

    J.Y, Liao

    Co-Founder & COO @ Guoku

    Jake Kloberdanz

    Co-Foundr & CEO @ ONEHOPE Wine

    James Siminoff

    Chief Inventor & Founder @ Ring

    Josh Roth

    CTO @ Ring

    Justin Choi


    Karim Fateem

    Co-founder @ Parlio

    Keynes Cheng

    Co-Founder & Product Design VP @ LIVEhouse.in

    Lei, Zhou

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Miyoo

    Ling Fan

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Tezign

    Logan Allin

    CFO & VP of Business Development

    @ ONEHOPE Wine

    Maibelle Lin

    Co-Founder & CCO @ Pinkoi

    Mark Belinsky 

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Birdi

    Matt Kim


    M.L, Jiang

    Co-Founder & COO @ Andrinuo

    M.Y, Hsieh

    Co-Founder & COO @ iFit 

    Mian, Dong

    Co-Founder & CTO @ Anytum Create

    Mike Lee

    Co-Founder & CTO @ Pinkoi

    Ming, Liu

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Andrinuo

    Nora Levinson

    President & CEO of Caeden

    Osman Ahmed Osman

    Co-founder @ Parlio

    Peter Yen

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Pinkoi

    Peter Szulczewski

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Wish

    Royce Hong

    Co-Founder & CEO @ IPEVO, Xing Mobility

    Robin Han

    Co-Founder & CTO @ Zepp Labs

    Richard Yang

    Co-Founder & CEO @ N Squared 

    Robert Zepeda

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Playbasis

    Russell Cummer

    Founder & CEO @ Paidy

    Ryan Petersen

    Founder @ Flexport

    Ryan Allis

    Founder & CEO @ Connect

     Rob Lloyd

    CEO @ Hyperloop One

    Saleem S. Khatri

    Co-Founder and CEO @ Instavest

    Sandro Mur

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Bellabeat

    Sean Lee

     CTO @ N Squared

    Sega Cheng

    Co-Founder & CEO @ LIVEhouse.in

    Sean Murphy

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Andy OS

    Steven Ho

    Co-Founder & Chairman @ N Squared 

    Simon Newstead

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Frenzoo

    She-Rae Chen

    Founder & CEO @ Fantalk

    Tom Tian

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Wiyun

    Taeyang Yoon

    Co-Founder @ Karfarm

    Terry Tian

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Anytum Create  

    Thomas Pun

    Co-Founder @ Clione Labs

    Tejas Viswanath

    Co-Founder & CTO @ Chaldal

    Urška Sršen

    Co-Founder & COO @ Bellabeat

    Wael Ghonim

    Co-founder @ Parlio

    Waseem Alim 

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Chaldal

    Wilson Lee

    Co-Founder @ Fotoable

    Yi, Wang

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Liulishuo

    Yi, Wang

    CEO @ Ycpai

    Yu Guan

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Walnut

    YB LEE


    Zain Allarakhia

    Co-Founder and CTO @ Instavest

    Z.N, Hu

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Fotoable

    Zia Ashraf

    Co-founder & COO @ Chaldal

  • TEAM

    Matt Cheng 鄭博仁

    Founder & Managing Partner


    Matt Cheng is the founder and managing partner of Cherubic Ventures. Matt has 14+ years of entrepreneur and venture investment experience in Greater China and Silicon Valley. He was selected as "Top 20 under 40" early stage investor in China by Cyzone in 2013 & 2014. Matt was also a top-ranked ITF world junior tennis player.

    Snow Hua

    Partner | Chief Rep of China

    Snow is the Chief Rep of China at Cherubic Venture's Beijing office. Prior to joining Cherubic, Snow worked on various marketing positions at Sina (NASDAQ:SINA).


    Snow holds a Journalism degree from China Youth University of Political Science in Beijing.

    Tina Cheng 成之璇

    Partner | Chief Rep of Taiwan

    Tina is the partner at Cherubic Ventures' Taiwan office. She has extensive experience working in the education and technology sector. Her past employers include Yahoo, Cisco, Trianz Consulting, and Ogilvy & Mather. 


    Tina holds an MBA degree from UCLA Anderson School of Management. She received her bachelor degree in Advertising from National ChengChi University in Taiwan.

    Laura Lu

    Legal Director

    Laura graduated from Harvard Law School ( LL.M.) and has worked at the law firm Winthrop as well as served as legal director in MSD China.

    Alicia Tsai


    Alicia is the analyst at Cherubic Ventures. She worked at Deloitte before joining the firm. She holds a B.A. in International Business from National Taiwan University.

    Pei Lin Wu

    Content / Community / Event

    Pei is leading content marketing effort in Cherubic Ventures. She worked at a tech company for international business development and then as executive editor in a tech media in Taiwan.


    She received her bachelor degree in Slavic-Languages-and-Literature from National ChengChi University in Taiwan.


    Epan Wu

    Venture Partner

    Epan Wu is the venture partner at Cherubic Ventures. She is the head of embedded business unit in VIA Technologies (2338:TW). 


    Epan received a B.S in Management Information Systems from National Taiwan University. She recently graduated from the Leadership Development Program from Harvard Business School Executive Education.

    Royce Hong

    Venture Partner

    Royce is the venture partner at Cherubic Ventures. Prior to Cherubic, he has founded several companies including IPEVO, a company that makes versatile teaching tools to enable better learning experience, and XRANGE, a multi-disciplinary architecture office that brings in new and innovative approach to architecture.


    Royce holds a BA of Graphic Design from Art Center College of Design, and BFA of Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design.

    Yuki Hamada

    Venture Partner

    Yuki Hamada is the venture partner at Cherubic Ventures. He currently is an executive officer at Mercari Inc, the largest C2C shopping app in Japan.

    Prior to Mercari, he was the co-founder of Cybridge, the leading web and software development company in Japan. Mr. Hamada graduated from Tokyo University of Science.

  • NEWS

    Latest news from our portfolio companies ( See All News Here )

    Cherubic Ventures

    心元資本創始執行合夥人鄭博仁,連續四年入選創業邦「40 位 40 歲以下投資人」

    May 12, 2016 Pan X


    中國媒體創業邦在 2016 創新中國春季峰會現場發佈「40 位 40 歲以下投資人」榜單,心元資本(Cherubic Ventures)創始執行合夥人鄭博仁(Matt Cheng)連續第四年入榜,成為中國核心生態圈認可投資業績最高、最慧眼識珠、最善於幫創業者創造價值的夥伴型投資人。Read More



    微夢傳媒新三板挂牌上市 2015年1-8月營收5804萬元

    Apr 26, 2016 投資之家


    全國中小企業股轉系統公告顯示,北京微夢傳媒股份有限公司(證券簡稱:微夢傳媒 證券代碼:836868)的挂牌申請獲得批准,並于2016年4月26日挂牌。微夢傳媒2013年度、2014年度、2015年1-8月營業收入分別爲2696.99萬元、5010.19萬元、5803.78萬元。Read More



    Luxe, a startup that valet parks your car when you can’t find a spot, just raised $50 million from Hertz

    Apr 7, 2016 Business Insider


    It's already a pain to find parking in crowded cities. It's even worse if it's a city you've never been to. 


    That's why rental-car company Hertz just made a $50 million strategic investment in Luxe, a San Francisco-based startup that makes it its job to handle the parking for you. Read More


    Parlio becomes the Quora‘s first acquisition.

    March, 30, 2016 TechCrunch


    Wael Ghonim and the rest of his founding team will be joining Quora. Parlio’s team could help Quora figure out how to encourage participation from people who might not necessarily have definitive answers to its questions. Making Quora more approachable for the average web surfer could boost view time and help Quora earn revenue once it starts showing ads.


    Cherubic Ventures

    Cherubic Ventures announces $120M early-stage fund for U.S., China and rest of Asia

    May 24, 2016 Techcrunch


    Cherubic Ventures, an early-stage VC firm with a focus on the U.S. and Asia, has announced a new fund targeted at $120 million.


    Fundraising is still ongoing, and founder-managing partner Matt Cheng told TechCrunch that the firm currently has $80 million in confirmed commitments from LPs. Read more.


    Pinkoi announces plans to expand online market

    Mar 17, 2016 Taipei Times


    Pinkoi.com, a Taipei-based start-up that operates an online marketplace for designers to sell their products via mobile applications and Web sites, yesterday said it plans to strengthen its foothold in nine overseas markets this year. Read more.



    Internet of rings: Smart doorbell startup raises $61.2M, launches sleeker $250 Pro device

    Mar 16, 2016 Venture Beat


    Smart doorbell startup Ring has raised a further $61.2 million in a series C round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, with participation from existing investor Sir Richard Branson. Read more.



    Online merchandise platform for gaming firms PowerCore raises US$2M funding

    Mar 15, 2016 e27


    PowerCore, an online store offering smart toys, digital activation and merchandise solutions for games, has completed its seed round of funding of US$2 million.
    The investment came from 500 Startups, East Ventures, and Golden Gate Ventures, besides existing investor Cherubic Ventures. Read more.


    Electric Objects

    Announcing the Art Club Fund: $100,000 dedicated to commissioning new digital art

    Mar 9, 2016 Electric Objects Company News


    Today, we’re excited to announce the Electric Objects Art Club Fund. In support of our mission to create a digital art experience for every home, we are committing $100,000 to commissioning new works of digital art in 2016. That’s $100,000 for JPGs, GIFs, PNGs, MP4s and art websites. Read more.



    Daring Origins: Kevin Chan, Fashion Industry Upstart

    Feb 28, 2016 Cadillac


    Today, Maderight manages over 60 clients of varying size and value. Kevin has plans to expand the reach of Maderight, applying its effective framework to hardware and electronic manufacturing. His personal mission is to empower other entrepreneurs to hit the ground running. “Daring greatly means to not follow the status quo,” he explains. “It is to pursue your own dreams and to not care what path has already been paved for you.” Read more.



    第一次創業就被告,事業危機變轉機! —專訪MobiusBobs

    Feb 19, 2016 DGcovery


    人生第一次創業就被告,新創團隊MobiusBobs 共同創辦人沈容賡James笑說:「當時真的超挫!」James在大學期間,和另一位夥伴做了一個新聞類型APP,整合其他媒體資料,針對特定用戶推播內容,市場反應雖好,卻因為導致其他網路媒體公司流量變少遭到提告。意外的是,本來正苦惱不知如何推廣,被告後產品竟因此受到關注,最後遭到企業收購。「從那次之後,接下來的產品,我們會更認真去思考,怎樣讓一個好的產品能夠被更多人看見。」當然,絕對不是用這麼極端的方法,但行銷的重要,不言而喻。 Read more.



    Korea-based JANDI bags US$2.5M from Qualcomm and HnAP

    Feb 11, 2016 e27


    Toss Lab, the parent company of Korea-based enterprise communication software JANDI, announced today it raised US$2.5 million from Qualcomm through its venture investment group Qualcomm Ventures, and HnAP, in December. Read more.



    30 Under 30 Europe Technology 2016: Coding The Future With Gadgets And Apps

    Jan 18, 2016  Forbes


    A sculptor by training, Srsen designs and markets wearable technology you actually want to wear. Her female-focused company makes smart jewelry that tracks stress, activity—even menstrual cycles. The Y Combinator graduate employs 60 people and has offices in San Francisco, Shenzhen and Zagreb, Croatia. Read more.



    淘世界荣获“创业邦100奖” 位列海淘第一阵营

    Jan 14, 2016 Sina News


    作为国内最大的女性海淘C2C电商,淘世界无疑是2015年最热门的女性海淘平台,获得业界越来越多的关注目光和权威媒体认可。在登上2015中国年度创新成长企业100奖榜单中,淘世界与小红书、波罗蜜、洋码头位列海淘第一阵营。Read more.


    Dream Castle

    LIMA亚洲授权业优秀大奖揭晓 阿狸获“最佳亚洲形象奖”

    Jan 12, 2016 Ali The Fox


    “LIMA亚洲授权业大奖”是由国际授权业协会LIMA主办的,旨在表彰亚洲授权业界突出成就的国际权威专业赛事,自创办以来一直备受各界关注。参赛的每一个企业及品牌,必须遵守严格的条件并经过严苛的评选。今年被提名的公司来自整个亚洲区域,包括中国大陆,香港,台湾,日本,韩国,菲律宾,马来西亚,新加坡,泰国及澳大利亚。梦之城旗下形象“阿狸”凭借自身品牌影响力及在授权领域的卓越成就,最终脱颖而出,获得“最佳亚洲形象奖”殊荣。Read more.





    Jan 6, 2016 New Balance Press Box


    New Balance Digital Sport will develop a comprehensive athlete-focused digital ecosystem featuring innovative New Balance-branded wearable technology products designed to improve physical performance.  The company will partner with leading digital, hardware and software companies, including Intel, Google, Strava and Zepp, to incorporate smart technologies, optimized for wearable consumer products, into footwear and apparel lines across a variety of sports. Read more.


    Electric Objects

    Electric Objects commissions a digital art collection for its EO1 frame

    Dec 15, 2015 Wallpaper


    For the past six months, Electric Objects — the company that makes the EO1, a three-in-one device that’s a high-definition screen, computer and app made specifically to display digital art — has commissioned over $50,000 of original art. The company tapped more than 50 artists from around the globe, who made over 200 pieces, and called the project Art Club. Read more.


    Cherubic Ventures


    Oct 11, 2015 Cyzone


    在活动现场,创业邦还发布了“2015年度中国最活跃天使投资人”和“2015年度中国最活跃天使投资机构”两个榜单。真格基金、联想之星、丰元创投、心元资本、德迅投资、乐基金、英诺天使基金、TEEC天使基金、紫辉创投等投资机构在现场接受了奖项。联想乐基金宋春雨、心元资本创始人郑博仁、乐搏资本创始合伙人杨宁、紫辉创投创始人郑刚等则领取了最活跃天使个人奖项。Read more


    Cherubic Ventures


    May, 18, 2015  投資界


    中國知名媒體《創業邦》第三屆40位「40歲以下明星投資人」榜單出爐,於5月21日舉行頒獎典禮,心元資本創始執行合夥人鄭博仁入榜,而他是這個榜上唯一的台灣人 Read More



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